A Basketball Roadmap

To go far, or just for fun, We Not Me can help!

Read on for a roadmap to guide you down either path.

  • Love of the Game

    The love and passion to work at it for many years. This is intrinsic but can be fostered by adults.

  • Access to Resources

    Access to gyms, teams, and great coaches.

  • Play Up

    To play against better competition at times.

  • Play A Lot

    To play around A LOT (free play), To execute in pressure situations (real games), and To build skills in between (clinics).

  • Many Sports

    To play lots of sports and practice moving in a variety of ways.

  • Get Stronger

    The foundation of athletic success starts with a strong and flexible body.

Intro with Kindergarten Clinics

How we get introduced to any topic can sometimes determine if we'll stick with it. We try our best to get this right because of its lasting impact!

At this age, the focus must be on fun more often than technical skills.

Get Started!

5 Seasons of Winter League

Play with your classmates and learn the flow of the game and how to compete. Refs and coaches help players grow for multiple years. Then test yourselves in 4th and 5th grade during the playoffs.

Join a Team!

Year Round Clinics

I have partnered with former High School, College, and NBA coaches who have experience, character, and a desire to give back.

Build your game!

Travel Team for the Next Level

Are you ready to test yourself now? Our AAU program is called H-Pride. They offer 5 years (4th-8th grade) of competitive basketball played against the best players in the surrounding regions.

The next level!

High School and College Games

Each year we find a local HS and College team to go watch as a community. First we went to the Palestra. This past year 300 of us took over Hawk Hill!

Play Multiple Sports

The research is very clear about the advantages of playing multiple sports in early elementary grades. Our Flag leagues and All-Sports camps can help :)

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Coming soon - Strength Program!

The foundation of athletic success starts with a strong and flexible body. Our program will be for middle school students!