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  • Basketball

    Coach Matt will help organize games that are fun to play. You'll develop your skills, work on overall athletic movements, and compete with friends!

    Let's hoop! 
  • All-Sports

    Each week you'll play a different game. You can vote if we play basketball, soccer, kickball, or flag football first!

    I'm an athlete! 
  • Photography

    Learn how to take a great photo using your digital camera or a cell phone! Coach Matt uses a role-playing technique to help young photographers get into the right mindset.

    Say Cheese! 
  • Game Design

    Be a creator, not just a consumer! Coach Matt will introduce you to the world of video game design. You will make a game each week!

    It's a me...Coach Mario! 
  • Web Design

    Learn how to make your own website! What will you put on it? Learning how to actually code could open so many doors for you.

    Let's Code! 
  • Improv

    Coach Matt's favorite class ever! This will be so much fun to play around and make scenes together. Sign up for 8 and he'll host a show for you to perform!

    Yes and! 

Bootcamp Homework

The Venn diagram for becoming a better player includes overlapping circles of: 

  1. Skill development
  2. Applying the skills in game settings
  3. Playing against good/better competition

Each week...

I. I'll give them a few simple tools based on research and 20 years of coaching. For example:

  • Change speed
  • Change direction
  • Create space

II. We'll apply it vs actual defenders. Which provides:

  • Authentic, dynamic reps. Not just going against a cone.
  • I will scale the advantage for the offense at first

III. I'll provide immediate feedback, encouragement, and motivation

IV. They'll take home nuanced breakdowns to practice

  • I can't control if they do #4. If I do my job well, though, the cold weather won't be an issue. They'll get outside and get to work without anyone telling them they should. Or they'll ask to be taken to a local gym.
  • If they don't ask to come back on their own next week, don't force them. This is for gym rats who love the game.¬†


(Our focus today was on the decisions and moves while driving. But, the homework is more about finishing the drive)

Finish Fast:

  • start 1 dribble away (probably at the foul line)
  • drive right, dribble once, jump off one foot
  • same thing¬†using left hand
  • repeat 1st 3 steps from 2 and then 3 dribbles away, using both hands

*You can also vary how you finish. Normal layups have the elbow under the ball. But, being able to have the ball be way outside of your body is crucial too. Think about Tyrese Maxey with his wide-sweeping layups with both hands. 

  • Normal¬†layup
  • Wide layups
  • Correct foot
  • Goofy foot
  • Right hand
  • Left hand

*Future Homework: Finish Strong and Finish Smart series


Is this only for teams who played in the winter league?

Of course not! This is open to everyone.

Do we have to keep the team together from the basketball league?

Certainly not. These groups do work best when they are of similar ages. But, you can mix and match any group of kids together for Courses.

Is Coach Matt the only instructor?

For right now, yes. I am collecting an all-star cast of coaches as we speak, though. We are creating those courses together and hope to roll them out in the Spring.

What courses might you offer in the future?

Softball pitching, Strength and Conditioning, Social Media for Athletes, Reading Tutoring, and more...

Are these courses just for kids?

Great question! For now, yes. Eventually, we will be offering classes for all ages. I'm excited by what's in development for our adulting classes. Stay tuned :)