Kindergarten Basketball League

Where our youngest athletes start hoopin'!

At We Not Me Jr, we are thinking about the long-term development of your child's athletic journey.

Next Registration: Oct 2024

Key details

  • 6 Saturdays in January and February
  • Sundays at the Haverford School and Westtown
  • Players receive a reversible jersey

Cost: $99

What will they learn?

We break the game down into parts to better introduce the sport.

  • We start with games to work on the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  • Then play 3v3 to work on offensive and defensive concepts
  • Eventually they'll work on 5v5 to learn about the flow of the game
  • But, all of those aspects give us a chance to talk about teamwork, sportsmanship, and managing your emotions.

Is Kindergarten too young?

It can be! If you rush your child into the fast-paced 5v5 version.

Instead of doing that we show them parts of the game and how fun it can be.

As the season goes on we package those parts together to make the whole.

How else are we different?

  • Music playing the whole time
  • Our Mascot is running around cheering the kids on
  • Certified teachers and coaches with clearances
  • Competition and Cooperation are blended together

Are they grouped with classmates?

Playing with classmates is a big part of our goal for grades 1-5.

If their friends are here, we'll make sure they play together.

But, we wanted to keep the grouping flexible for a variety of reasons.

Everyone will sign up individually.