Improv Comedy

Location: I will be renting a space at the CREC in Havertown. 

Ages: 4th grade and above

How often: 4 sessions minimum.

Questions: call or text: 610-733-5579

Coach Matt's experience with Improv

Matt studied improv at the Philly Improv Theatre. He completed 3 levels of courses and joined an independent team. His team put on shows all over Philadelphia for a few years. 

It was an easy connection to basketball for Coach Matt. Similar to a really good basketball team, good improv doesn't need to follow a play or a script. There are some principles or guidelines, that help everyone work together. The result is an easy shot or lots of laughs! 

There are lessons to be learned in each of these courses that can be applied more broadly. But, improv seems to be a trojan horse for some of life's most important concepts. 

Not that kids need this excuse, but first and foremost, this is an excuse to play with your friends. That is an end in itself. There are many principles that will help guide their play during our sessions that will help them in their life and relationships going forward:

  • Listening and being agreeable
  • Accepting what is and going with the flow
  • Paying attention and awareness
  • Supporting and trusting
  • How and when to be funny :)


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What our customers are saying...

Hi, Matt!I just wanted to thank you for offering such a warm welcome today in the basketball clinic.

My son absolutely loved it and as a parent, I was incredibly impressed with how organized you were and how smoothly everything ran.

It is not a given that sports organizations take the time to extend such courtesy and warmth; it is clear you put forth that effort and we are so grateful!

I just signed him up for the only other clinic we can make (October 2!), so he will see you then.We are excited to join you this winter once basketball is in full swing!

Thanks again,

Betsy Regn