Location: We will visit local parks and attractions near you.

Ages: 5th grade or older. 

How often: 4 sessions minimum.

Questions: call or text: 610-733-5579

Coach Matt's experience with photography

In 5th grade my aunt Claire brought me to Yellowstone National Park on a "photography adventure." How cool is she?! She didn't worry about teaching me anything to technical just yet. She focused on helping me learn to pause and notice and wonder. Then she explained I got to decide as the photographer what's worth keeping and what's worth cutting. Framing that experience for me and those images left an indelible mark on my curious mind. 

Fast forward to my sophomore year at SJU when I declared my major to be Film and Photography. I fell in love with the dark room and the process. I was such an active athlete growing up; the only way I knew to still my mind and enter the flow state was through movement. Photography was the first time I noticed that I can calm my mind during stillness too.

The photos from my senior year project were bought by the school and hung in the Social Justice building for 10 years. I later sold many of my favorite photos to local coffee shops in Philadelphia and friends and family. 

In this intro course, I would use the same approach as my aunt. Using a cell phone or any digital camera, the students will learn 1) to notice the world around them and 2) about composing a shot from different angles. I have developed a role-playing scenario to help the students inhabit different perspectives.

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What our customers are saying...

Hi, Matt!I just wanted to thank you for offering such a warm welcome today in the basketball clinic.

My son absolutely loved it and as a parent, I was incredibly impressed with how organized you were and how smoothly everything ran.

It is not a given that sports organizations take the time to extend such courtesy and warmth; it is clear you put forth that effort and we are so grateful!

I just signed him up for the only other clinic we can make (October 2!), so he will see you then.We are excited to join you this winter once basketball is in full swing!

Thanks again,

Betsy Regn