League Directors at every game.

Somehow this isn't a given at all youth leagues.

It helps us manage the day and better serve you and your child.

The minor frustrations are prevented from becoming major problems when it's someone's job on site.

Plus we get to help remind some parents to take a breath and lower the intensity :)

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Game Schedule

  • Games kick off the weekend of December 7th 2024!
  • They run Dec thru Feb
  • Haverford: Fri, Sat, or Sunday (It'll be the same day, same gym each week though. TBD which day your age plays)
  • Westtown: Saturday only at The Westtown School
  • No holidays: Xmas Eve, Xmas, NYE, NY, President's Day: OFF

(Times of each game are being figured out now! I try to keep same age groups within the same 3-hr block of time every game)

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Play with Classmates

  • This league emphasizes classmates playing together. We would like to help prepare younger teams for middle school.
  • Families sign up individually, but I will build the rosters based on grade and school and the coach's list.
  • There is no draft and we don't provide coaches. We rely heavily on volunteer coaches to contact us.
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3v3 and 5v5

Grades 1 and 2 start their games as 3v3. Then finish with 5v5.

This is part of our philosophy on helping younger players develop better.

Small-sided games = more touches = more fun = better development!

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