Our Mission

Helping young players fall in love with sports and learn fundamental skills while emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship.

One-Stop Shop for Parents

Multi-Years Plan

  • Well-Rounded Path
  • Elite-Competition Path

Multiple Sports

  • Hoops, Flag, & Golf
  • More to come

We Promote Free Play

At practices, clinics, and camps our coaches are encouraged to work in blocks of free play.

Kid-Friendly Design

  • We use kid-size balls and equipment
  • The INTENSITY of the adults is managed :)
  • # of players and size of court/field are modified
  • Refs will stop the game to explain a rule or teach a skill

Pedagogy Grounded in Research

Our programs are planned based on the research found by:

Purposeful and Relational

We know your child's name and plan each of our programs carefully. We take play very seriously :)