Coaches' Bios

Coach Matt

Inspired by a few mentors early in his life, Matt began college knowing he was going to become a basketball coach. Starting his freshman year in 2001, Matt would drive back down Rt 1 from SJU to coach his friends in the high school CYO league. He would wear a suit and tie so that his buddies would take him more seriously. It worked for the first 5 minutes! 

Matt moved to Spokane, WA for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps upon graduation. When he returned he was fortunate enough to join Herb Magee's staff at Phila. University (now Jefferson). For 3 years, Matt was alongside one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history. The Rams made the DII tourney each year and had back-to-back National Players of the year. 

Choosing a life of balance, Matt switched to the high school ranks. He became head coach in the Public League school in which he taught. Mariana Bracetti was an excellent chance for Matt to experiment with his ideas and learn how to find his coaching voice. Those 4 years were invaluable from a failing forward perspective.  

When Steve Cloran called him to join his staff on Cardinal O'Hara, Matt jumped at the chance to work alongside his mentor in the Catholic League. Coaching against the best players in the city, recruiting new athletes, and game planning against top-tier coaches was another opportunity for Matt to grow as a professional. 

His nephew was in 4th grade then and Matt began coaching his AAU teams. Over the past 5 years, the same core group of players looped with Matt from 4th-8th grade. Despite "moving down the ladder" of the coach's ranks from college to high school and now youth sports, Matt found he was most fulfilled working with younger players and teaching them how to play the game the right way. 

Recently, Matt received his Master's of Education from Cabrini University. He also spent the past 4 years as the Computer Science teacher at The Grayson School. Now, Coach Matt is the owner of We Not Me Hoops, and can’t believe he is a full-time basketball guy after all! He will be looking for a new crew of 4th-grade boys to coach in the spring! Matt, his wife, and two pets moved to Havertown in the spring of '22.