Early Morning Sports

Bring it to your school and get these kids moving!

Your teachers will thank me :)

Email coachmatt@wenotme.club

Should kids sit at desks for hours?

Sometimes recess and gym class are later in the day. Start with movement and sports to help manage their energy. I'm not even going to waste time finding the research - you already know the benefits!

Raise money for your HSA!

A portion of the proceeds goes right back to your Home and School Association. You send details to your school families and I'll handle everything else and then write you a check.

Custom Sports for Students

Are they huge mat-ball fans? Is basketball on their mind all day? Whatever it is, I have 20 years of coaching experiencing and will design games just for them.

Typical Morning for Students

7:30 am - Arrive to the gym/field

7:40 am - Free play

8:00 am - Organized games

8:30 am - Cool down and dismissal

Wanna learn more?

Email coachmatt@wenotme.club or call Matt Hartman @ 610-733-5579