Youth Sports Can Be Better.

The 6 P's that help us stand out

1. People

This community of families and volunteer coaches is part of a rich history of local sports spanning decades. I am lucky to be a part of it. To continue this tradition we focus on bringing in people who 'Get it."

Our leaders have character and experience and a desire to give back!

2. Places

We partner with some of the top venues in our areas including The Haverford School, The Westtown School, Agnes Irwin, and the CREC.

The courts and fields our children play on make a difference.

3. Philosophy

We are a mission-led company that offers programs backed by research. Following a long-term approach to athletic development we offer multiple sports for multiple years.

No quick fixes, as we focus on performance, more than results.

4. Principles

Leading with fun, focusing on fundamentals, teaching life lessons - these are just some of the principles that guide each of our programs.

If you are seeking a cut-throat, highly specialized, exclusive culture you may be in the wrong place.

5. Planning

Whatever the opposite of 'just rolling the balls out' is - that's us! Every lesson, camp, and league have been carefully considered for your child.

Whoever said "Failing to plan is planning to fail' definitely worked with children :)

6. Parent Sign-ups

It is so easy to make registration seamless for you these days. I don't understand anyone who still has a 90's era website.

Youth sports are expensive. They don't need to be complicated too.